A Day in the Life of a First Bus Driver


A Day in the Life of a Driver



What is your name (first only) and how long have you worked at First Bus?

Hi, my name is Andrew, I have been at First Bus for 4 and a half years.



What is a typical day like at work for you?

My day typically consists of arriving at my work, collecting my running board from the office and I head off to my bus after catching up with some colleagues. I check my bus in the morning to make sure it’s all good to head out in service for the day! After that my day is all about making a difference to customers journeys, getting them to their destination as safely and as pleasantly as possible.



What skills would you say are required in your daily work?

Customer service skills are very important, good customer service always goes a long way. Keeping everyone safe is also a skill that is required from the start until the end of your shift.



What do you love most about your job?

I love communicating with different people from all cultures from all over the city, meeting new people everyday! I also love the respect I get from customers and colleagues; I love the responsibility I have of keeping people safe on the bus.


If you could give any advice to someone thinking of becoming a bus driver, what would it be?

Never be afraid to ask questions about the job to fellow bus drivers, if you really want to do it give it a try and take your time, just enjoy the experience.


We are hiring trainee and PCV bus drivers today at careers.firstbus.co.uk

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