Alan McGee on the future of gigs, managing Glasvegas and that Oasis reunion

MUSIC mogul Alan McGee fears fans would not want to attend gigs if they were allowed to go ahead during the pandemic.

The Scot has signed legendary bands such as Oasis by scouting them out at gigs – but he admits it is touch and go for the industry when it comes to live music.

“Personally, really I don’t want to be pessimistic. I think people have already got the fear really bad.

“If we could do gigs at the weekend, not many people would show up. Everybody’s got massive paranoia.

“I personally within my friends’ group which is quite large, I don’t know anyone who has died from it. I know some people who have had it.

“But at the same time, if I get on the Tube I am masked up and I am watching what the f**k I am doing. I am not the only person like that, there is a lot of people like that,” he said.

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Glasgow Times:

The music manager, who grew up in Glasgow but now splits his time between London and Wales, continued: “We just want to get back. I have got The View, Glasvegas, Happy Mondays, Cast, and Black Grape.

“I have got all these little bands I put records out for.

“We all collectively want to get out and do it, do gigs.

“The only thing you have to accept…as much as I am like f**king let’s do a gig. The truth is I don’t think people would come at this point, do you know what I mean?”

The music never stops, however, despite the pandemic with Alan determined to showcase some of the upcoming talent from around the UK.

His label Creation 23 marked its second birthday in the summer – although Alan has had some form of the record company since the early 1980s – and to celebrate, he is showcasing a brand new single every month for the remainder of the year.

Cat SFX, The Clockworks, The Shambolics, and Charlie Clark have already had their music out while the last two months of the year will see releases from Belowsky and Sister Psychosis.

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Glasgow Times:

“Creation is my life’s work,” he said.

He added: “I started Creation in 1983 and that was Creation Records. In 1984, I started Creation Management when I started managing Jesus and the Mary Chain. In 1988 when I started publishing Primal Scream I started Creation Songs. Everything I do really is a variation on Creation.

“Creation records – that version of creation records – I ended up selling it to Sony at the end of the 90s.

“I came back a couple of years ago with Creation 23.

“I have always had the publishing company, management company and a variation of the record company.”

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Glasgow Times:

The management company will take up his focus in the next year as he prepares to help Glasvegas return with their new album Godspeed which is out next April.

He beamed: “I have heard the record, and it is an astonishing album.”

He added: “They are an incredible band. I found them in 2006 – third on the bill at King Tut’s – not many people know that story – but that’s how I came into their orbit.

“Then I worked with them for a couple of years, hyped them and promoted them. I went off to bring my daughter up for five years and came back in 2013. Eventually, I ran into big Rab, the guitar player on a Mondays tour in 2015/16. They asked if I would manage the band and I co-manage with Denise Allan who is James’ sister.”

He continued: “They are a career band. The whole band will be together when they are f**king 60 and they are only in their 30s.

“They don’t do anything else – that is what they do.

“It might sometimes be seven years between records. They are Glasvegas, they are not going to do the band.”

Glasgow Times:

Having also just taken another Scottish band under his wing, The View, Alan who turned 60 last month, more than lives up to his music mogul name which he first earned as the man who discovered Oasis.

And despite the constant speculation over a reunion – he admits he knows no more than the ordinary music fan.

Glasgow Times:

He laughed: “I know as much as you. I am friends with Noel. I run into Liam whenever I run into him. I can’t see that (a reunion) happening, they are both very happy doing what they do.”

With a biopic on his life Creation Stories starring Ewen Bremner set to be released and a whole roster of new artists to nurture, it seems Alan is in a good place for his big birthday.

He said with a smile: “I am going to be 60 and I am still doing music – I think that is f***king great.”

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