Dean Wright, the man accused of the ‘murder’ of Barrowfield teenager Liam Hendry again denied bail

ONE of two men accused of the murder of teenager Liam Hendry has again been denied bail.

At a preliminary hearing yesterday at the High Court, Glasgow, Lord Arthurson refused a request by Dean Wright to be released from HMP Barlinnie.

Mr Wright, 31, and Robert Farrell, 32, plead not guilty to causing Liam’s death.

At the short hearing a continued preliminary hearing date was set for September 21.

However, the court heard that, with an estimated six month backlog of cases, it is unlikely the trial will go ahead then.

Mr Wright has been remanded in jail since his arrest in connection with Liam’s death with his brief, Tony Graham QC, making the case that delays in the trial date due to the coronavirus pandemic mean he is being held for an unusually long period of time.

Mr Graham said: “Time is precious in anybody’s life and time is precious in Mr Wright’s life.

“He should not be remanded for nearly two years without trial.”

The court then heard from the Crown that there is a “significant concern regarding public safety” should the 31-year-old be granted bail.

Mr Wright was also refused bail at a previous hearing in April this year.

Liam died on September 29 last year after being hit by a van on Barrowfield Street in Glasgow’s East End.

Two men were arrested and charged in connection with the 18-year-old’s death.

Mr Wright was remanded in HMP Barlinnie while Robert Farrell, 32, was released on bail.

Liam’s parents, William and Margaret, had previously told the Glasgow Times they were “heartbroken” to learn that Wright was hoping to be released from prison to await trial.

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