Drumchapel Winter Festival cancelled for first time in over a decade due to pandemic

THIS YEAR’S Drumchapel Winter Festival has been cancelled for the first time in 11 years due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The event was created by the local community and councillors over a decade ago in a bid to reduce anti-social behaviour and rouge bonfire and firework displays taking place around Guy Fawkes Night. 

Organisers have now taken the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event, which was due to take place on November 5 as they follow the Scottish Government’s health guidelines in accordance with the pandemic. 

Local Labour councillor, Paul Carey said: “I came up with the idea of the Winter Festival 11 years ago.  

“The idea of the Winter Festival was to reduce rogue Bonfires and anti-social behaviour leading up to and on November 5.  

“It was also to encourage people to come to an organised fireworks display instead of buying their own.”

Glasgow Times:

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Prior to the event being established, incidents taking place in the area seen fireworks launched into the path of inbound and outbound flights from Glasgow Airport. 

Councillor Paul Carey added: “It was quite clear that anti-social behaviour regarding fireworks back then was getting out of hand, so by organising this display, it helps massively to reduce that.  

“It has turned out to be a huge family event with well over 12,000 attending it every year from all over the city.  I very much hope it can return next year.”

Local SNP councillor Malcom Balfour has said that the event has “almost eradicated” anti-social behaviour incidents taking place in the area on the run-up to Guy Fawkes Night.

Glasgow Times:

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He said: “As Councillor Carey has said the Winter Festival has been an annual event for 11 years.

“Over that period of time the number of bonfires on the night across the ward has been almost eradicated.  

“The amount of anti-social problems related to fireworks has all but disappeared. 

“This event is now second only to Glasgow Green.

“Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event this year will not take place this year.”

Councillor Malcom Balfour is hopeful the winter event will return by 2021.

He added: “Site DashboardWe will be back next year all being well, but I am sure that the community will support the police and each other to keep any incidents that may occur to the minimum in the interest of safety.”

Winterfest is primarily funded by the council and other external organisations including Drumchapel L.I.F.E.

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