Glasgow Gym “The Griphouse” to Host Weddings and Other Events

Glasgow Gym “The Griphouse” to Host Weddings and Other Events

Boxing, mixed martial arts and tea dances will all be under one roof as part of new plans for Woodside.

Businessman David Low is set to revamp the first floor of number 10 Possil Road in a bid to give back to the community he grew up in.

Mr Low, owner of Heavidor Ltd, was given permission to host fights, wedding receptions and neighbourhood meetings in the facility by licensing chiefs.

And he’ll be able to sell alcohol during events in the building, which is partly run by popular MMA gym, the Griphouse.

Archie MacIver, representing Mr Low, said: “Mr Low’s great-grandparents came over from Ireland and worked on the canals. He’s had a successful business career in his own right and this is an opportunity to put something back into the community where his roots were founded.

“It will be run by a community interest company.

“The application we want would include DJ entertainment, dancing, live bands and that sort of thing.

“At first blush, you might think that it’s a strange place to have this sort of event, but they also want to put on things like art exhibitions. During the day time there would be things like tea dances.

“In the evening there might well be sporting events.

“That’s how Mr Low sees this operating.”

Glasgow’s licensing board visited the facility ahead of a presentation by Mr MacIver. And they were impressed by Mr Low’s plans, granting him a licence to host larger events until 2am.

Mr MacIver added: “Most of the events won’t require a 2am licence.

“This particular operation is slightly different from a pub or a nightclub.

“We’re trying to achieve a situation where the events that trade until 2am generate enough income to subsidise other events which may not be as profitable.”

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Source: The Evening Times

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