Glasgow to Introduce Taxi Advertising that will Help Partially Sighted People

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Glasgow to Introduce Taxi Advertising that will Help Partially Sighted People

NEW taxi floor mats for advertising will roll out in Glasgow soon.

Glasgow City Council approved an application by Taxi Admat.

It will help the partially sighted getting in and out of the vehicles, as well as a financial boost to drivers.

The polymer mats sit on top of the existing floor and grip with a rubber underside.

Councillors at the Licensing and Regulatory Committee praised the initiative.

Convener Alex Wilson said: “Obviously, we already have door advertising with taxis. So, in terms of flooring, it seems like a well thought out proposal that has been brought to the committee.”

It was brought to Glasgow City Council by city driver Robert Crosbie, representing the company.

He showed the committee members an example of the mat, unrolling it in the chambers.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind has endorsed the idea, he told councillors.

The mat itself is an exact cut of the floor and can be cleaned in a washing machine.

It will be a non-slip surface, heavy duty wear standards and recyclable.

Drivers will receive 10 per cent of advertising revenue for fitting one.

Mr Crosbie said: “I’d like to thank the committee for approving the taxi advertising mat.

“The mat will really help both the partially sighted, elderly and the drivers.

“The RNIB introduced our yellow stripe on the floor to make it easier for partially sighted.

“This will enhance that with extra light, colouration so passengers can see what they’re walking on.”

The Taxi Admat was developed by Australian company Melded Fabrics and is understood to be used already in London.

When fully up and running the mats are expected to provide around ten jobs in the city.

Following questions from Councillor Rhiannon Spear, it was revealed the mat is recyclable and would last around a year.

Councillor Robert Connelly added: “I am quite happy with this, with the increased advertising for taxi drivers if it becomes successful.”

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Source: The Evening Times

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