Glasgow theatre festival Potluck 2021 goes digital

LOCKDOWN has closed theatres across the country for nearly a year now.

Despite a new roadmap showing us roughly when we can expect things to start going back to normal, there is no indication when we might see performers live and in person again.

For one Ibrox-based theatre company, however, this has only allowed them to innovate the ancient format.

New plays produced by the Table Spoon Theatre company to be showcased at their Potluck 2021 festival will see performance collide with the screens at which we have spent much of the past 11 months.

Dear Dead Jason, a one-woman show from Jen Moss, creates the macabre spectacle of a young woman coming to terms with her partner’s suicide in the form of a vlog. It is a black comedy, which Tablespoon promise will explore young widowhood and the “dangers of toxic positivity”.

This, while taking an unusual format, is more in-keeping with our conventional ideas of performance.

Arcade Gym and Small Time Payback both take this more familiar path.

Others on the programme take a much more radical route.

One production, Casa Etera, recreates that troubling feeling of meeting someone you cannot remember, by literally forcing the viewer into face-to-face contact with the performer over a live Zoom chat.

They play out the piece over the video conferencing chat so familiar to us now, in a one-on-one session with the viewer.

In an even more pronounced departure from theatrical convention, two of the plays are not even plays at all but websites. The audience explores the stories of Medusa-Vitiāre and Self-Portrait – which both examine ideas and the social pressures of body image and identity – by navigating the website, or digital installation created by the performer.

It is the second outing of the Potluck festival for the women who make up the company and who have put on a number of shows since Tablespoon’s inception in 2018. It was formed by Jessica Paris, Alice Nottage, Gioia De Martino and Ellie James.

Potluck 2021 will run from March 26-28 and tickets are a suggestion donation of £2.

You can buy them and find out more about the Glasgow theatre company on their website:

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