Love Island star Anton Danyluk: I have had death threats over Dubai move

SCOTTISH Love Island star Anton Danyluk has revealed he received death threats after moving to Dubai during lockdown. 

The 26-year-old, who previously starred in Glasgow-based reality series Glow, explained that people had threatened to kill him in his new podcast with his mum Sherie Ann

Glasgow Times:

The Scottish Sun reveals in the podcast What’s the Crack, he said: “I came to Dubai in December when travel restrictions weren’t in place – it was a working trip to promote a hotel.

“I got to know the owner, and then the opportunity rose to open a gym and fitness business in Dubai.

“I’ve got my working visa, so I’m not coming home.

“It’s been awful – I’ve had death threats, people calling me – it’s horrible that this sort of thing still happens after the death of Caroline (Flack) last year, but they still do it.”

Glasgow Times:

He added: “I know people in the UK are getting annoyed because they see others saying they are working in Dubai when they aren’t, but I am starting my business.

“I’m a strong-minded person, but it does get to me some days.

“I hope my actions speak louder than words – I’ll keep my head down until I’m ready to show what I’m working on.”

The reality TV hunK, who had a gym in Airdrie, has previously spoken out in his Instagram stories about the issue.

He previously said: “I’ve just started to realise all the stick that influencers are getting back home, which I wasn’t aware of.

“I get it. You guys are frustrated back home, there’s a lot going on. I totally understand.

“I just want to clear up from my point of view. I came out here at the start of December when travel restrictions weren’t in place.

“I was only meant to be here for a week. There’s a few business opportunities that have happened out here which you will see in a few weeks.

“You’ve seen in the last two and a half weeks I’ve put things in place, I’ve been in the gym training.

“I’ve literally got my living and working residency out here at the moment.”

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