New Healthy Food Restaurant sprigg Opening in Glasgow

New Healthy Food Restaurant sprigg Opening in Glasgow

A BUSINESS is opening in Glasgow with the aim to change how the public eats and drinks on the go.

Urban eatery sprigg will specialise in fresh, seasonal salads and artisan coffee as it works to put staff members at its heart.

The outlet is set to open its doors in the City Centre in a matter of weeks.

Bosses said they have rethought how the Glasgow public consumes food and drink in what is becoming an increasingly fast-paced world.

The idea for the business came about as an aversion to common conceptions about how food is consumed on the move.

A spokesman for sprigg told the Evening Times: “It can be difficult to maintain our personal eating preferences when faced with a tight, packed schedule.

“This often means we need to compromise on freshness and flavour to find something that will keep us full.

“At sprigg, though, there’s no need for compromise.”

Fresh and customisable breakfast and lunch bowls, that are fast and affordable, will be made available.

A breakfast pot with two ingredients and a topping is just £2, while a snack bowl, consisting of one premium ingredient, three standard ingredients plus a garnish and a dressing, will set customers back just £3.

An ethos of simplicity and quality will also flow through everything that happens at sprigg.

By partnering up with Glasgow-based DO Architecture and the Good Coffee Cartel, the team has realised its vision of a “beautiful store” that, not only serves good food, but also world-class coffee.

Beyond the normal practices of hospitality, the sprigg team said it is reevaluating what members of staff can expect from their employers – something they believe makes them stand out in a challenging retail landscape.

Paying staff the UK Living Wage, eliminating zero-hours contracts and profit sharing are among the ways in which the idea is being implemented, along with pension contributions and guaranteed breaks.

A cashless payment system will keep operations quick, clean and secure, and a partnership with local recycling specialist, Changeworks Recycling, will mean all used food packaging will be fully recycled if returned to the store.

Further explaining their approach, the sprigg spokesman continued: “We feel passionately about the type of food and coffee we’ll be serving up, but looking after our staff and doing business the right way is just as important.

“We also hope to prove that Glasgow City Centre isn’t just for established operators with deep pockets; independent startups should be encouraged and given every chance to make their mark too.’’

sprigg will be opening at 241 Ingram Street in August.

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Source: The Evening Times

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