Scottish chef living in Oz wows the internet as he plans to share ‘Glasgow roll’ receipe

A CITY-BORN chef who is a star in Australia’s culinary world believes he has cracked the recipe to a classic ‘Glasgow roll’ – and now he plans to introduce the Scottish favourite to foodie fans in his new homeland.

Jock Zonfrillo, 44, will do a live cook along with his fans this week which will feature a recipe for a ‘Glasgow roll’ and a full Scottish breakfast.

The Masterchef Australia judge revealed how he missed the Scottish favourite to his thousands of fans on social media and like many other expats said it is the first thing he eats when he returns to Scotland.

He explained: “In many parts of Scotland, particularly in Glasgow and Ayrshire, you will see freshly baked bread rolls for sale in newsagents, post offices and even petrol stations.

“It’s a Glasgow roll, unique to all other bread rolls, it’s both light and airy and has this amazing chew to the inside plus it’s crispy on the outside thanks to a light coating of very slightly coarse rice flour oh and they must be eaten fresh.

“The two main bakeries of these in Glasgow knock out millions of rolls a week, no joke they are that loved.

“My memories and love are those from the Morton’s bakery which are hand cut, bit rough around the edges, kinda flat and more square than round but perfect when filled with anything from square sausage to crisps!

“For me it’s absolutely one of the first things I eat when I go home, the exact texture is not just a memory… it’s just a thing right? “

He continued: “If you’re Scottish living away from home you know exactly what I mean and if your not and you’ve managed to make it to the end of this essay surely you’d be interested if I were to tell you I’ve cracked a version for home that is as close as I can get to the real deal?

“Most people outside of Scotland have no clue what it is meanwhile us Scots count down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till we’re reunited with it once again.

“We’ll have a few laughs and eat Scottish things while we do it.

“So.. for all the Scots away from home, the home bakers, the ISO bakers or if your just plain curious this is for you.”

Glasgow Times:

The TV star appears on Masterchef Australia where he has been deemed the ‘hottest judge ever’.

He previously revealed that he tried heroin at the age of 15 while growing up in Glasgow in the 1980s.

According to reports, he became addicted within two years and his substance abuse led to homelessness.

Jock previously said his love of cooking saved him.

He said: “I’ve always said, if it wasn’t for food I would have died. If I hadn’t found my career path, I would have just been another statistic.

“The only thing that will stop you from doing heroin is something that’s more compelling than heroin. And when you’re an addict, there’s very little that’s more compelling than doing that drug. Luckily for me, I somehow fluked upon cooking.”

Marco Pierre White is credited by Jock for saving his life. He knocked on the celebrity chef’s door when he was 17 to beg for work.

He struggled with abuse until at 23 he moved to Australia to start his new life.

His post on the ‘Glasgow roll’ has gone viral with expats relating.

One said: “Its the first thing I have when I go home, a bacon buttie on a beautiful Scottish roll with heaps of Lurpak.<0E0067><0E0062> Missing Scotland so much right now!”

Another added: “My Dad was a Glaswegian who moved to Australia and we used to get Glasgow rolls from a Scottish baker in a nearby local town and they were amazing.

“Sadly he sold and moved and no bread rolls bought since have ever measure up.”

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