TV star Grado reveals takeaways have been helping him in Covid lockdown

BBC star Grado has revealed his love for a takeaway has been helping him to cope during lockdown. 

The Two Doors Down and Scots Squad actor added that while he needs to “pack it in” with ordering takeouts, his lockdown fitness regime has been somewhat non-existent.

He said: “I have absolutely not been taking part in any online fitness classes.

“Fair play to… what do you call him? He does my nut in. Joe Wicks! Fair play if you’re doing it, but he’s just not my cup of tea.

“I think at the start of this lockdown he was living in a council house; now he’s got a big, massive mansion.

Glasgow Times:

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“I saw on Monday that he had his first session of the new lockdown and he farted. It made the news and everybody was talking about it. The guy then decided to stock whoopee cushions the next day on his website – this guy knows what he’s doing.

“I’d love to hold a Zumba class – get the old leotard and the fanny pack on.

“Probably what I’ve been loving in lockdown is also what I’ve hated – the ease of being able to have an excuse to order a takeaway.

“But it is getting out of hand. You go into my bank statement and I get the fear – it’s Just Eat, Foodhub, Uber Eats, everything.

“It’s very, very detrimental to my health. At the time I enjoy it, but I really need to pack it in.”

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