Veg Cities Campaign Gets Underway in Glasgow

Veg Cities Campaign Gets Underway in Glasgow

GLASGOW is growing for victory as the city rolls up its sleeves to take part in the Veg Cities campaign.

In the coming months there will be events to promote eating, selling, growing and cooking vegetables.

Glasgow has been awarded £5000 from Sustainable Food Cities to support the campaign, which will be run by Glasgow Community Food Network (GCFN).

The scheme launches today at the Kinning Park Complex.

Competitions are planned, including the Chef’s Veg City Challenge – involving 20 cafes and restaurants across Glasgow, who will be presented with a box of locally sourced veg from community gardens and market gardens.

The Challenge will be to create the best dish out of the randomly selected ingredients.

GCFN hopes to get Scotland’s National Chef and Masterchef Winner Gary MacLean to judge the meals, as well as a panel of Glasgow based food fans.

Ffion Smith, Chef at the Project Cafe, said: “A move towards a nourishing, locally sourced, and creative food culture in Glasgow is something that lies close to the heart of The Project Café.

“We can’t wait to have conversations with other restaurateurs and chefs in the city and realise the huge positive impact we might have, as an industry, on the local food movement.”

Other Veg Cities activities planned include Open Gardens across Glasgow where local people can visit community gardens and market gardens, pop up producer markets to buy locally sourced produce, and challenges and competitions in schools to get more kids switched onto their five-a-day.

Veg Cities will work with local healthy eating organisations across the city to increase the impact.

Abi Mordin, chairwoman of Glasgow Community Food Network, said: “We’re really excited to be part of this national campaign.

“We’ve got a really imaginative programme of activities over the next six months – there really will be something for everyone.

“Eating more veg helps to improve not only our diets and health, but can contribute to a stronger and more resilient local food economy.”

Sofia Parente, Campaign Coordinator at Sustain, one of the three partners coordinating the Sustainable Food Cities network, said: “We are delighted with the level of interest in Veg Cities and so pleased that Glasgow is starting a campaign.

“At a time when vegetable consumption is in decline and childhood obesity figures are at an all-time high, organisations in Glasgow are rolling their sleeves to transform the availability and consumption of vegetables and demonstrating what is possible by working in partnership.”

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Source: The Evening Times

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