Viral Hallowe’en video Pennywise clown star in parade appeal

HE has a legion of fans who look forward to his annual trick or treat disguises and this year is no different for Oli Keenan.

As the star of the viral YouTube hit as creepy clown Pennywise, from the It horror movie, which had 21 million views, fans have come to expect something big on his doorstep in Clydebank.

This year Oli appealed to Glasgow Times reader to send him their suggestions of what character they would like to see him transform into this year and with coronavirus social distancing restrictions in place, he is looking to do things a little differently.

Following a recent appeal in the Glasgow Times, Oli has been given a few ideas to consider for Hallowe’en.

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Oli said: “It was lovely to hear from people and their ideas on what I should do this year. Although people seemed to like Pennywise so much they have been asking for it again. I have a couple of ideas, but have yet to make a final decision.”

Crowds have gathered outside Oli’s family home for the past couple of years to see him as Pennywise and last year as Jack Nicholson’s character from The Shinning. As well as being terrified, the crowds have also been treated to a little goodie bag of sweets.

Oli, who also dressed up as The Grinch when the Glasgow Times took him Christmas shopping in Buchanan Street, added: “I don’t want to let people down and I still want to bring them a Hallowe’en fright night, but there is no doubt we will have to do things differently this year. I don’t think it would be responsible for us to have people coming round to us even if social distancing was in place.

“I would love to be able to put on a small parade through Clydebank and take it to people rather than people come to us. A small float would be ideal to go around in and I would appeal to any firms out there who might be involved in transport or vehicles to get in touch. You would be helping to bring a little treat to people around Hallowe’en.”

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The pandemic has affected filming for Oli’s Nextflix drama. They had been due to begin filming earlier this year, but it has been postponed.

Oli, 24, added: “We had been due to start filming, but it has been delayed. We don’t have an exact date at the moment as they are waiting for crew members to be available as they have been caught up in other productions. I am just looking forward to filming when I can.”

This year Oli has also teamed up with Glasgow clothing range Freak out which specialises in upcycling vintage clothing. Their designs usually involve prints of art works being put on to clothing, but this year they will have a Halloween theme with a couple of Oli’s characters printed on them.

If you can help Oli with his Hallowe’en parade get in touch with him through facebook.

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