‘What about your family’: Scots Big Brother star urges people to think twice before auditioning

TWO of Scotland’s Big Brother stars have shared their advice for new residents entering the famous TV house.

Cameron Stout and Mikey Hughes met up ahead of show’s ITV2 comeback to spill the tea on what might be in store for the show.

Dubbing the show “the daddy” of reality television, the pair said the new series is bound to shake things up.

Cameron said: “Reality TV is really diluted and I think when the daddy comes back it will shake things up again.”

Mikey added: “There’s a spring in its step this time that wasn’t there before.

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“There’s people I’ve not heard from in 10 years that are getting back in touch.

“It’s got to be off the back of Love Island.

“I’m glad I’m not an ITV producer because they’ll have to think about what they are going to do with the casting of both shows this time round.”

Both lads also advised future Big Brother contestants to be their authentic selves, while Mikey urged would-be participants to think twice before auditioning.

Mikey, who is now a published author and graduated with a PhD in economic history from Glasgow University, said: “It’s a gamble. You’ve got a one-in-20 chance of winning it.

“It comes with a lot of risks. Don’t just throw yourself in it and give some serious consideration before you enter to be in it. 

“Think about the impact on your family as well.”

Cameron who is a head teacher at a primary school and works for the BBC in Orkney, added. “Go for it, but you’ve got to be your authentic self.

“Imagine your crushing disappointment if you put on a persona that you think they’re looking for and it crashes around you.

“You’ve got to be yourself. Definitely.”

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And they shared their shock at hearing the TV anthem being played on a trailer to announce its return.

Mikey, who came runner up in series nine in 2008, said: “When it was announced during the adverts of Love Island and the Big Brother theme tune came on, I swear to god a physical shiver ran down my spine.”

He and Cameron met up at The Dhabba restaurant in Glasgow’s Merchant City as guests of Vahdam Indian tea.

Mikey added: “I feel like I’d have dropped this tea and it would have been all over me.”

Cameron, who won series four of the show in 2003, added: “The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

“Even back then when the music came on, it’s always been one of the most iconic parts of the experience.”

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