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Baby n You is a collection of different classes for you and your baby or toddler. Classes have been running since 2007 and are taught by Suzy Scott a former paediatric nurse. Baby n You is an independent local business. Classes include Baby Calming Workshop, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Tuneful Tinies , Tuneful Toddlers, First Aid for Parent, Weaning Workshop and Mother Nurture. My classes have grown organically with the needs of the parents that attend. My classes are small in size and always have a good amount of time at the end to chat and get to know everyone. I am so passionate about what I do and I love what I have created. Being a new parent can be overwhelming and lonely and having a village of people you can talk to is essential!

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Baby 'n' You is run by Suzy Scott, who is a former qualified paediatric nurse with a BSc in Health Studies. Suzy worked in Yorkhill Sick Children’s Hospital and in The Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia. During these years, Suzy developed an interest in complimentary therapies and achieved an Advanced Level Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy 2003. Suzy’s experience with children and babies steered her into discovering more child positive therapies, which naturally led her to become a certified infant massage instructor (CIMI) with The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) in 2007. After this to compliment baby massage Suzy then studied for a year with Birthlight to attain a Diploma in Baby Yoga in 2008. Since starting Baby n You Suzy has studied to become a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner in 2008 , Kindermusik Educator in 2008 and Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator in 2009. Suzy also has attained Level 1 and Level 2 in Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki Healing in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Baby 'n' You offers a friendly and fun way for you to bond with your baby. It provides important stimulation for all of your baby’s senses and also promotes specific health benefits giving you and your baby the best possible start in life.
Baby Calming Workshop - Monthly Tues Morning for babies 0 - 3 months
This one- off class in baby calming techniques for those times when babies are fed, dry and winded but still won’t settle down!! A maximum of 4 babies in the class. Both parents are encouraged to come along if possible. I will tell you a bit more about the class and if you are interested please let me know.
The Baby Calming techniques are aimed at babies aged 2 weeks- 3 months/4 months. The class is a one- off session only. In my experience the techniques have always worked. If you have an unsettled baby I would highly recommend the Baby Calming class. The techniques are really amazing, easy to learn and make such a massive difference to both the baby and parents. I have taught many new parents these techniques and they always make a big difference. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone with a colicky baby.
Baby Massage - Classes are held in 4 or 5 week blocks on Wednesday & Thursdays for babies 0 - 6 months
Baby massage is suitable from birth and benefits include infant-parent attachment or "bonding", relaxation, makes baby feel loved, promotes better sleep, facilitates body awareness, boosts immune system, sensory stimulation, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation and helps digestion and so much more !!
Classes are very relaxed, small and baby led so you don't worry if your baby is sleeping, crying or needing fed!! You can plan as much as you like, but babies will be babies. They will sleep when they need to sleep, feed when they need to feed, cry when they need to cry...
Which is why I run a laid-back, baby-led course. Yes, the course has a plan, and each session has a structure, but it doesn't matter if your baby decides they are not following it.
This is not their 'weekly massage' it is your opportunity to learn, take away, and offer the massage when your baby is ready and receptive.
So please don't worry if your baby cries, we are all parents, we get it, and there is no judgment here. Please don't feel like you have missed the class if your baby sleeps or feeds through it. You will still be able to join in and learn.
In fact, this is probably the most accommodating baby class you will come across. Where you will get as much value from it as your baby. With a focus on relaxation, support and going with the flow.
A different kind of baby class.
Where everyone gets to relax.
No pressure to perform.
Small classes.
Honest chat.
So don't worry if it doesn't go to plan. Trust the process.
Baby Yoga - Classes are held in 4 or 5 week blocks on Wednesday & Thursdays. Beginners Baby Yoga is for babies 6 weeks - 5 months. and Advanced Baby Yoga is for babies 5 months +
Baby n You baby yoga is for babies rather than mum so it doesn't matter at all if you have no experience. The yoga aids all aspects of development particularly physical, social and cognitive. Baby yoga gives babies strength, flexibility, co ordination, great posture, balance and body awareness.
It is lots of fun with songs, coloured scarves and bubbles. Your baby must have passed the GP 6 week check to take part.
Tuneful Tinies - Classes are held in 8 week blocks on Wednesday & Fridays. For babies 0 - 18 months
You love singing with your baby. And you know that your baby loves it when you sing to them too! Singing with baby has multiple emotional and cognitive benefits. Studies have shown that early engagement with making music together and regular music making with your baby can help in their development in multiple areas.
A baby responds positively and with love to the sound of the voice of their caregivers. When you sing with your child, they feel connected and close to you. All our participants are encouraged to sing with their baby in order to experience this joyful exchange. Classes are a safe and encouraging space for adults to share their love of music and to sing without inhibition.
Music is one of the first ways that babies learn maths and counting. For example, music is created through making patterns and about how those patterns go together. Your baby will learn about counting beats and keeping a rhythm.
The songs at class help with the development of language skills. Singing songs help little ones make associations about the meaning of words. This then helps with the learning new words. Using actions during our songs also support word acquisition.
Feelings of connectedness occur when we sing together and listening to one another while do so actually synchronizes people to one another. Feelings of connection and friendship naturally develop from the simple act of making music together.
Whatever music we listen to comes from somewhere. In class we sing songs that are familiar as well as some from around the world and often in the native language which is very interesting for babies.
Tuneful Toddlers - Classes are held in 16 week blocks on Wednesday & Fridays. For toddlers 18 months - 3 years.
In the world of toddlers, movement and exploration are their greatest need and music fits right in ! Your toddler will be absorbed in a fun musical environment, which supports all areas of musical development through research based activities. Through singing, finger play, rhythm activities, dancing, instrument playing and focused listening the foundations of musical learning will be encouraged and nurtured making this a very special music time. Toddlers are encouraged to be creative to initiate their own ideas and to respond in their own ways. As they play instruments, sing, move and explore, they'll uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self-control and communications skills.
Singing, imitating sounds, rhyming, and object identification foster language skills, while creative movement to various musical “moods” develops a sense of balance, timing, and spatial awareness. Listening and turn-taking encourage blossoming social skills.
For the toddler, every day brings new discoveries and opportunities to explore the world. Despite a display of independence, the 1.5 to 3 year old child still longs for the safety and security of parental closeness. During this time, toddlers still relishes the comfort of the familiar while also seeking the challenge of something new.
Each block has a different theme and associated music and activities. We have story time, group dances, free dances, instrument play and quiet time in every class.
Mother Nurture - For any parent who needs a shoulder massage !
This new addition is called Mother Nurture as that is what it is about. Life with babies is rough on your shoulders and upper
back with all the feeding, picking up and putting down.

There are 16 place available and everyone will get a 15 minute fully clothed back/neck/shoulder chair massage from either Leanne - Postitive
Touch Therapies or Debbie - Restoring Balanc

These massage therapists have a wealth of experience and will really help your aching back !

The appointments will be fluid and people will take a turn as and when it is a good time for them and their baby. I will be around to jiggle
prams, rock car seats, cuddle babies too!

Over the 2 hours outwith your massage there is time to be in a safe relaxed space with a small group of mums chatting, having a cuppa and a
biscuit or two!

These classes are all held at 4 Victoria Circus G12 9LD. There is metered street parking available in the surrounding streets Lots of time at the end of every class for tea/biccies and essential chat ! Whether you are sailing or sinking that day it can really help to be surrounded by a 'village' of likeminded parents.

First Aid for Babies & Children
The 2 day workshop really is so important to go to if you have children. Knowing what to do in an emergency is essential and could be life-saving. It is recommended that you refresh your skills in First Aid every 3 years as there are always improvements being made in the
treatment advised with ongoing research in the field.
Baby n You is holding Paediatric Emergency First Aid Course in partnership with Jamie Walsh of JW Training Solutions who has been delivering First Aid Training for 15 years.
Jamie is passionate about paediatric first aid and will continue to strive to provide this for families. Jamie is knowledgeable and his friendly relaxed manner makes this course great to attend.
The First aid qualification provides emergency training in first aid techniques that are specific to babies, children and teenagers. It is ideal for new parents, grandparents, babysitters and anyone coming in to contact with babies or young children. It really is an essential and invaluable course for anyone caring for babies or children and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
We hope you would never have to put any of the skills you will learn in to practice but if you do you will be well equipped to cope with an emergency situation should it occur. The classes sizes are kept small to allow everyone the chance to ask questions and make sure you feel you understand everything clearly. Babes in arms are welcome. The course is held at Knightswood Community Centre 201 Alderman Rd, Glasgow G13 3DD with free parking.

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