New Life Coaching launched for the LGBTQ+ Community

A new Life Coaching service based just outside of Glasgow has launched and is focused on providing support to LGBTQ+ adults from across Glasgow and beyond.

Queer Joy Life Coaching work with individuals from across the queer community to help them achieve their goals, realise their potential and become better versions of themselves.

People focused, all sessions are developed to establish what you really want, and what they can do to help you achieve it. Whether it’s confidence, your sexuality, your gender identity, or body confidence, they can help you to focus on the things that will help you grow as an individual.

Their life coach, Mike, say’s “We want all of our clients to leave our dedicated one-to-one sessions feeling empowered, strong and ultimately full of queer joy.”

Mike is trans, non-binary and queer. They have had to overcome many challenges throughout their life to get to where they are today. After turning 40 and coming out as non-binary they wanted to give something back to the community that has been their strength throughout. Mike trained with The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology to obtain their Life Coaching Certificate, and is an Accredited Happiness Life Coach. They have also recently completed the People, Work and Society Access Module with The Open University.

You can find out all about Queer Joy Life Coaching on their website where you can contact them for a FREE consultation. They are also offering 10% off of all prices in August!