Glasgow Therapist publishes two books

A Glasgow mental health specialist has published two books since December and both are getting rave reviews.


The first, “Behind the Smile” is autobiographical and tells the story of Mikes life and struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. It is honest and allows us into his darkest moments but is also humorous and inspiring, sharing his rehab experience and the changes he has been able to make in order to rebuild his life. Amazon reviews have predominantly been five-star and have complimented the honesty and courage contained in the pages.

The second, “Mabel Murphy” is the powerful story of a young girl in 1920s London whose life is forever altered by a chain of events which were sadly, fairly common in the mental health system of the time. Although fictional, the story is historically accurate and reflects a number of older women whom the author worked with as a mental health nurse in the old hospital system.


Both books are available on Amazon, Kindle, Waterstones and in the US, Barnes and Noble

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