Ladies 40+ Chat/Meet Up (Glasgow and surrounding areas)

A fantastic group has been set up on Facebook, by a wonderful lady called Nicola, this group now has many meet ups in Glasgow city centre and surrounding areas.

I asked Nicola all about herself and the group

“I’m Nicola and I live in Cumbernauld.  I am married with 2 children age, 16 and 24. I just became a Gran on 20th November. I work full time as a Civil Servant. I started the group on 15 June 2021 while working from home. During lockdown I worked from home and my husband was at work, and my daughter was on her uni placement in the hospital. When my son returned to school I realised that the only person really affected by lockdown was me. Working from home was very lonely. The day before I started the group I received a call from my manager to tell me I was moving teams and going to be learning a new role. I didn’t know anyone on my new team. I suddenly felt very alone. I didn’t have any real friends I could count on so I decided that I needed to find new friends and when lockdown was lifted I was going to get out and about and do all the things I wanted to do. I looked for a group for my age group but couldn’t really find what I was looking for so had the mad idea to start my own group  The feedback has been amazing. So many ladies messaging me saying the group has changed their life. Some ladies have met other ladies they haven’t seen since school and it’s lovely hearing from ladies who are getting out and about and making new friendships. The group is now keeping me extremely busy 😂 This time last year we had 50 members. We now have 4,000. I never dreamed it would get this big but it’s shown me there was a need for this group and I’m incredibly proud. I love running the group and arranging events. I’m also extremely proud and overwhelmed by how the group has taken off. I’ve put a lot of work into making the group what it is for people. Making people happy makes it worthwhile. I love when people come out their comfort zones and attend events. I love seeing the same ladies coming back to more events. I love all the messages from ladies to say what a difference the group has made.

this is the link to the group if you wish to join,

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