Mind Marvels -Empowering Children to Find Inner Calm.

1 in 6 children are likely to have a mental health problem according to The Children’s Society.

At Mind Marvels our aim is to provide sessions specifically designed to address the unique needs of primary school children, promoting emotional resilience, self-awareness, good self esteem and overall well being.  We believe that children should not suppress these big emotions which can be displayed in their behaviour, however we can give them the life skills needed to put them back in control of how these emotions are expressed. We help children to understand what emotions are as well as how they feel in their mind and their body. This is the foundation to good mental health.

We work with primary school age as we feel this is the ideal age where young learners can start to build their “calming superpowers” as we call them which will equip them best for life’s challenges.  We provide a “whole school approach” working mostly within primary schools where we feel we can reach more children & make the biggest impact as our sessions are built around the Scottish education curriculum for good wellbeing outcomes. We also work with community groups such as Brownies, Cubs, dance groups & provide fun, interactive parent & child sessions in order that families can build their own “family calming tool box).

Our interactive sessions aim to provide children with the necessary tools to cope with stress, build positive relationships, and enhance their mental and emotional growth.

Learn -understanding our brains, feelings and how our behaviour is affected by our emotions.

Move – exploring mindful movement and brain games to promote health and wellness.

Connect – learning new skills for emotional self-regulation, such as breathing techniques and mindful massage.

Mindful – relaxing with mindfulness and visualisations.

Be Kind – acknowledging the power of gratitude, positive thinking and affirmations.

I’m currently providing a free demonstration/taser session in schools and would welcome any schools interested in hearing more about Mind Marvels to get in touch with me at – angela@mindmarvels.com or visit our website www.mindmarvels.com for more information.

Testimonial: “Angela was wonderful. She engaged all of the children even those with ASN needs. She made the children, and the teachers feel at ease and safe. We cannot wait to welcome Angela back to our school.” St Louise Primary School.