New Restaurant opening on the 10th December

Romeo and Juliet Restaurant

Romeo and Juliet Restaurant is opening soon, I spoke with the owners

“Our restaurant opening is on the 10th of December (on 5 Clarkston Road, Cathcart G44 4EF) for the public, we have a grand opening event party for VIP’s on the 9th December,  where we will be joined by social media influencers, love island celebrities, Miss Glasgow and Miss Edinburgh, a professional Scottish boxer, as well as many others!

Our restaurant is going to be a place made for dating (as well as families and friends at the top section of the restaurant ) we will be collabing with tinder and other dating apps to create deals for couples.

The restaurant inside will have amazing fresh Italian food and we want people to feel their in Italy without even going there ❤️we will have Valentine’s Day every Friday so people can go out, treat their loved ones every week and not just once a year !

The restaurant inside will have lots of Romeo and Juliet themed things such as: a love lock wall, letters to Juliet wall like in the movies & lots more!

We can’t wait to meet everyone and start working with the community, we have already started working with the local school and are helping them out and donating 🤗”

Romeo and Juliet Restaurant

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