Queenz Sounds Festival at SLAY Glasgow

The second official Queenz Sounds festival is here! The goal is to promote minorities in the music industry, encouraging diversity and inclusivity. This will be a fun night of unique acts of the women and LGBTQIA community with drag queens, dancing and so much more. The event will be held on the
21st of October, 19:00pm at Slay in Glasgow.

Our host for the evening will be Geezah Gobble, the hungriest and campest queen in Scotland! Get ready to feel the positive vibes and laugh yourself to tears. The lovely Geezah will also introduce our amazing performers for the night:

– Megan Black will be our headliner, she will give us a mixture of sad and funky feminist anthems that will get us all singing before we know it and we can’t wait for it to happen.
– Bentley Jones is joining us again for the 2023 festival and we couldn’t be happier, their energy on stage is contagious and we want to get infected.
– Mike McKenzie defines his music influences as eclectic and we are here for that uniqueness, we’ll proudly welcome him in our main lineup.
– Anna Secret Poet is a sensation, her singer-songwriter songs go beyond expectations and we are ready to be set awhirl.
– Venn Smyth is giving us his pop hits with a strong message and we want to dance, cry and vibe with him and his emblematic saxo.
– Bella Gate will be our opening act and she will give us all the feelings, she will get us all in the mood and mesmerise us with her performance.

Come along and join us in this colourful and uplifting event and support these group of talented people and what they represent <3

You can get your tickets now via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/queenz-sounds-festival-2023-tickets-627932481957

For more information please visit: https://www.queenssounds.com/2023-festival.html