Where to go for a first Tinder date in Glasgow

Lockdown is easing and there’s only one thing on our single, affection starved minds this summer: Dating.

If you’ve been tempted back into the wild world of dating apps, then you’ll no doubt have experienced the sense of dread that comes when (having made it through the painfully awkward small talk phase) you’re match finally asks ‘So where shall we meet?”

Total mind blank. Every. Single. Time.

Stop frantically ‘googling fun things to do in Glasgow’ right now and relax. We’ve done the leg work and even tailored our suggestions to your potential paramours personality in an effort to ease you smoothly back into post-pandemic dating. Thank us later.

Glasgow Times:

If they’re arty:

You managed to fob off any deeper discussions about art by saying you “quite like Banksy” but know that won’t stand up in person.

The Tramway in Pollokshields is the perfect place for art world newbies and veterans alike with fresh and exciting exhibitions that are sure to give you and your new beau plenty to discuss.

Nip two down the road to the Rum Shack after for a chilled drink and bask in your new found appreciation of culture.

Glasgow Times:

If they’re sporty:

They’re profile pictures are littered with gym selfies and they’ve already mentioned three times that they always spend their Sundays meal prepping.

You on the other hand think that the is the walk from your bed to the kitchen for more snacks is ample exercise for the day.

Find a happy middle ground and appeal to their competitive side with a game of ‘crazy’ golf at Foreplay in Kinning Park or the city centre.

Make your way around the courses while enjoying a selection of fun food and cocktails that will skilfully distract your date from your lack of athletic prowess.

Glasgow Times:

If they’re love all things supernatural:

We all love a good ghost story but your date is clearly on the next level. Most of you’re chat so far has been based on haunted Glasogw subreddits and you suspect that they never really left that teenage goth phase behind. You’re into that though.

The Necropolis near Glasgow Cathedral in is a quirky first date that has serious spooky credentials but is also steeped in history.

There are over 3,500 tombs to see and stunning monuments built by legendary Glaswegian architects like Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Worth a go if, if you’re brave enough.

Glasgow Times:

If they’re a foodie:

You’ve done the obligatory social media stalking and found that their Instagram is wall to wall food photos.

If they really love food then chances are they’ll have tried the best spots in the city so don’t show yourself up by suggesting a tacky chain restaurant.

If in doubt, go to Ka Pao on Vinicombe street. Sharing plates, an impressive cocktail list and a relaxed but modern vibe make for a perfect first date location.

Reasonable pricing means you’ll get the full foodie experience without blowing your budget too.

Glasgow Times:

If they love music:

You made the mistake of having your Spotify linked to your profile and now accidentally exposed yourself as an Ed Sheeran fan. They’ve been sending you a steady stream of links to bands you’ve never even heard of. It’s not a great start but you can turn this around.

Gigging is still off the cards for now so why not set out for a chilled day of record shopping. The Saltmarket area of the city is home to the likes Record fayre or Monorail Music which you could easily spend hours exploring together.

Everything sounds better on vinyl anyway…didn’t they tell you that?

Glasgow Times:

If they’re into film:

If you’re not a mega film buff you might not be ready to tackle that independent film they’ve suggested at the GFT, but why not find a compromise and visit the Everyman Cinema in Princes Square?

They regularly have anniversary screenings of classic films we know and love from Trainspotting to the Devil Wears Prada so you’re sure to find common ground. 

Aside from the films themselves the boutique feel of the Everyman makes for a guaranteed memorable date. Book one of their super comfy sofas and have your cocktails and snacks delivered to your seat. Smooth.

Glasgow Times:

If they’re a nature lover:

They wear a lot of fleeces and they’re an active member of extinction rebellion. Sustainability is sexy.

I know you’ve probably reached saturation point with park dates after lockdown but if your date is at happiest when surrounded by greenery then it extra special by visiting Rouken Glen Park just outside Glasgow.

The twisting wildlife trails through wooded areas and stunning waterfalls will absolutely have you feeling like you’ve left the city behind for the day.

Head towards nearby Giffnock afterwards for a post- trek refuel from Toni’s Pizzeria who serve some of the best pizzas around AND offer a vegan cheese alternative. Sure to please your climate conscious companion.

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